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The Kindness Project Printable

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Thank you for your interest in The Kindness Project! It’s truly a project of the heart.

I designed this quilt to be a simple, fun quilt to make for someone that has been affected by the Corona Virus, or someone who’s been a HERO in this tough time. It was designed as a sew-a-long for social media. It was such a fun sew-a-long and I was humbled and excited by how many people wanted to join in. To share of their time and talents to bless someone else.

It’s continuing beyond the sew-a-long. People are still sewing and I’ve had many requests for a printable version to make it easier to view the instructions. So here it is! It’s not a traditional pattern. It’s a compilation of the social media posts so you can have it all in one place. I hope this is helpful. If you’re on Instagram, I suggest you go watch the highlights on my profile page for this project. I give extra tips, there. The highlight bubbles are named and look like the heart above.

click HERE for the PDF.


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