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G-A-R-D-E-N Garland

This is such a lovely garland that could be hung many places.  A mantel, in a window, even on a fence for a garden party.  It's neutral color palette with soft touches of color would blend well with any decor.  Each of the 5 individual sections have a letter and floral accents that are wool appliqued to the base.  The simple design makes for very simple applique.  The wool is felted and the edges are not turned under.  Fuse or pin to the base and hand or machine stitch to the base.

Kit includes all the fabric, felted wool and ric rac for the 5 sections.  We chose to put a button on the top corner of each section.  Then used jute twine to hang the garland.  Just run the twine along the top edge wrapping it around the buttons as you get to them.  A great way to hang it that's adjustable if you choose to hang it in a different place later. 

The garland measures 10" x 45" with the sections side by side.  The size is easily adjusted larger by putting more space between the sections.

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